Simply Innovations is the company trending to Innovative things. Our first product is TommorowG, which is first in kind of innovative and trending android application is being  ready for pilot launch. Which will be going to be a gaming changing mobile applications cutting across different industry verticals like HealthCare, Retail, Classified Mobility, Training, Consumer Facing and IT

Healthcare: Enabling access to secure health records of the patients in compliance with HIPAA Privacy Rule. Under this act the consumers are given rights to protect their health information by healthcare providers. But in certain cases, this information has to be shared to ensure that the patient receives the best treatment. So for time being access to the records can be given easily through TomorrowG

Retail Industry: Used where Point of Sale as a Service is used for credit card transaction. It protects the confidential data of the customers’ cards.

Classified Mobility: This is for the government and the security services to access data and applications from the classified mobile in compliance with the NAS’s Mobility Capability Package.

Consumer-facing Financial Apps: TomorrowG can be used in financial apps securing the sensitive transactions and business processes that occurs in an organization.

Institutional Training : Users can be offered to read through the learning content in the resilient networks and also inhibits from downloading the premium content.

Information Technology: To access company propitiatory applications through secured channel and offers to browse social networking content.